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Guild Dungeons 2 Guild Dungeons 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A really fun game that doesn't have micro transactions or having to wait for time to move. The game is wonderfully made but I have came across a glitch of sorts. When I do the Wel Wood quest that has only a 2% difficulty and I only bring three constripts and Rundle I always succeed and then I also receive 11 more conscripts and 5 scrappers and I have been amassing an army! I think this might be a bug or that might just be the way the champ Rundle work I am not sure. Anyway this game is amazingly fun I enjoy these types of games.

Hyptosis responds:

Haha, I'll look into that. Not sure why or how that is happening! You CAN discover new troops in the field, prisoners and stuff, but it's very clear in the text that you did and where they came form. Sounds like you've got some kind of duplication bug.